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Crisis by Sanskarans Crisis by Sanskarans
What if when the 'Earth' is no more safe to live

Here i wanted to show the emotions of a man who lost everything during the end of the world.What is the end of the world really means to us?
Pollution,war,natural calamity it can be anything.Sometime there may be a day we all will feel that " Earth is no more safe to live " .

2009 © Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2009

I am really proud of this picture.The one which made to semifinal in "Darksiders: Your Last Days"Contest

Thanks to all DA Members and Admins For the support

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gb-illustrations Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010   General Artist
hey! Awesome colors here! Very great work
Giar3579 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Nice job on this one.I like the
idea and the expression you gave to this man.
I also like the background.Nice use of details.
you worked nice on the lights and the smooth shadows.I like it.
And I wish you luck in you art and in the contest.Keep it up.
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hyenacub Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, the emotion here is really good. Best of luck to you!
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yasincrow Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
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PygmyGoats Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Oh gosh, i just loved how the focus is on his face. You can only imagine what in heavens is going on outside (tho it seems a bit obvious xD)
His expression is so touching, i feel sad for him :C
*gives cookie to orange man*
*cookie burns*
*makes orange man's expression~*

Seriously, great work and good luck at the contest :la:
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jornas Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
That's some crazy detail. Nice work! :D
DaphneNg Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009   Photographer
Personally, I'd like it better if the whole image was darker. More shadows, more black, to describe the darkness.

His expression is drawn wonderfully, you managed to succeed in what you wanted to do. Etched into his face , grievance and sorrow, you can really see how this man suffered. The angry set of his mouth and showing of teeth suggests vengeance too. Hmmm.

You managed to create the suit for him quite well, with a hint of a reflection that is not too overdone, so that the viewers know there is a screen there. Though the suit looks.. too 2D. Hem.

Hope that helps :aww:
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HyperStrudel Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009   Writer
Wow, this is beautiful. The urgency and despair... his tears and hair are very well done. Great work. :heart:
WillWorks Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009   General Artist
Wow. That is a tragic. :(
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CatsEyePhotography Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
This is very well done, the detail is good, although I think his suit needs more shadow on it, it looks a bit flat.

I also don't know if this is from anything in particular, but your character resembles House, from that MD show..
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CatsEyePhotography Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009
You are welcome! And it was quite a coincidence. Keep drawing!
sidneyj06 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Bravo, i read the information and looked at the subject, nice work all in all and what you say is true I would think.
KeThuzE Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Student General Artist
Very fascinating. When it comes to art, drawing people has to be the most skillful thing to do. I really like the man's facial expression of how he reacts to the scene.

Awesome job :D
irthepwn Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Student General Artist
Great coloring! The way you did it is really nice.

More importantly though, you captured the emotion really well. He looks horrified and sad, like he can't believe what the world has come to. Good job!
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mikeengelen Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
Oh wow!! Another of your best! And a bold deep topic, very human.
It's like a chronicle.

Such detail in lighting and expression, and also a really artsy, almost abstract background.
I love how you use brushes to make up the light, colors, hues and reflections. I see a reflection on the plastic/glass cover of the suit.
I also like the volume in the face, the volume and the expression, it's too real.

It's great this topic you've put here, because these topics are often put in a very exaggerate fantastical way, but this in what really happens. I don't think too much heroic stuff or epic adventure would be there, mostly as in this piece of art, only tears, sadness, self doubt, confusion and despair, even from the bravest ones, would happen.
Something like that brakes us and put us on our knees.

Bravo again Sanskarans!! :w00t: :gallery:
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hillfreak Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
I see a lot of improvement my friend.
very realistic looking face.
keep it up.
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dethviking Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009
Hey great job on the facial expression, its a strong image
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wombologist Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
whoa! this one great work! :D
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Freebird2005 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work friend! The facial structure and color scheme are perfect!
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